Watch out, salsa dancers of the world — you’re about to be in for some stiff competition!

The People’s Daily (人民日报) is an official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party, and regularly provides information on the policies and viewpoints of the Chinese government. Since several foreign-language editions of the paper also exist, it’s likely that not only Chinese citizens but also people around the world were surprised to see a video titled The future King of Salsa? uploaded to the paper’s official YouTube channel a few days ago.

While we don’t know a single detail about the mystery child, it’s undeniable that he’s got some incredibly smooth moves and facial expressions on the dance floor. Online net users seem to agree, since the 54-second clip has now been viewed over 15,800 times on YouTube. And who knows — the People’s Daily also happens to be one of the world’s top ten paid newspapers in terms of average circulation, so maybe the little dancing king will become the King of Salsa in the near future!

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