Have you ever wanted to increase your productivity? Do you, like me, save time by brushing your teeth in the shower, ironing a shirt while eating toast, or taking your horses out for a morning canter while penning a poem about clouds?

Today’s your lucky day!

Japan Trust Technology (JTT) is now marketing a time-saving, relaxing beautification tool that every Nintendo DS owner should have- The Germa Roller Touch Pen!

Let’s be honest- as much as we all like to spend an hour with Super Mario and pals, it’s hard to concentrate on the game with that nagging thought in the back of your mind:

“My face- it feels so tired! How will I ever find a life-partner with such a lifeless, sad visage?”

Enter Germa Roller Touch Pen.

While gaming, just bring the near-end of that incredible 2-in-1 stylus up to your sad, stressed-out face and roll the bumpy germanium-bead-tipped roller across your cheeks and forehead. Aaaaah! Doesn’t that feel better? And how vivacious and youthful your skin looks, too!

▼Mmmm… roller pen!

According to JTT, the Germa Roller Touch Pen’s unique roller tip- when rolled along the jaw line, under the eyes and wherever else takes your fancy- stimulates the tiny muscles in the face, producing a pleasant sensation.

And better yet, it’s available in a choice of three colours; pink, black and silver!

“No need to spend time switching from stylus to massager;” JTT maintains, taking a load off everyone’s mind instantly, “the Germa Roller Touch Pen allows you to relax and tone any time- during in-game load times, or simply when you feel like taking a breather!”

The Germa Roller Touch Pen is available for all models of Nintendo DS now, retailing at around 980 yen (US$12.60)

Now if only I could get a foot massage while trimming the hedges…

Source: Gigazine