The post-secondary education business has entered dire straits in Japan.  With the ever declining birth rate, schools across the nation are struggling to keep enrollments up.

In Fukuoka, Nishi-Nippon Junior College believes it has an attractive solution to this problem: the “Department of Media Promotion,” more casually referred to as the “Idol Training Department.

It seems that this new course aims to attract young women hoping to pursue a career as an idol. However, for the most part, the department’s main purpose seems to be to provide an entertaining elective course for students with other majors.

In addition to regular elective courses in law and political science, students who chooses to major in Media Promotion will have to endure a grueling curriculum of courses in manners, audition strategies, modeling, make-up, and more.

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a bird course though.  According to a report by J-Cast, the dance class is extremely severe and involves heavy chastising of students who don’t go all out in while dancing in skimpy outfits.

If you’re the parent of teenage girl then you’d probably not be thrilled to set her up for a career in writing on herself over Twitter. On the other hand, if I was a teenage boy getting ready for college, I think I’d definitely be exploring education opportunities at Nishi-Nippon Junior College, the student body looks like it’s about to improve considerably.

Source: Nishi-Nippon Junior College via J-Cast (Japanese)

▼  The establishment of the department was kicked off by Aya Sugimoto, a well known talent, especially for her work with Sola Aoi.

▼  A breakdown of the 3 branches of the Media Promotion Department.