It seems there’s no shortage of news when it comes to world-famous digital diva, Hatsune Miku. Just recently, we were amazed that an avid fan was willing to shell out 369,000yen (US$4738) for a Hatsune Miku walkman with a premium serial number. Now, we’ve found a shockingly funny picture of, shall we say, an unique recreation of the “Hachune Miku” steamed buns which went on sale from convenience chain Family Mart in August.

In case you’re not familiar with the product, the buns are exactly what they’re called – steamed buns modeled after Hatsune Miku’s slightly distorted alter-ego, Hachune Miku.

These buns attracted a great deal of attention even before they came on sale, and they seem to have been a hit, with close to 600,000 buns selling in the first 20 days, despite internet users commenting on what some considered to be the “dubious quality of the hand-made buns” and also the fact that “it can be mortifyingly embarrassing to order a Hachune Miku bun at the cashier counter“.

So, it’s probably not all that surprising that someone would try to make their own Hachune Miku buns. Take Twitter user @saiki_0223, who begged and begged his/her mother to buy some Hachune Miku buns until mom finally said that she’ll make the buns herself.

And the picture below shows the result of Mom’s efforts:

And this is what the actual Hachune Miku bun is supposed to look like:

Umm, okay, Mom’s home-made buns looks more like the mascot character for the popular Japanese candy snack Puccho. In fact, they look “off” in a rather disturbing way that you can’t quite put your finger on.

Nonetheless, Mom probably tried her best for her child who so desperately wanted to get a taste of the special Miku buns. She may not even have known what/who Hatsune Miku is and may have had to improvise and use her imagination (which we guess would explain the appearance of the buns).

They may look shocking and even a bit creepy, but there’s no denying that the buns are a work of love. Kudos to Mom for trying!

Original Article by: Anji Tabata

Source: @saiki_0223 Twitter account (Japanese)
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