With all the constant updates to smartphones and other portable devices, you would think it would be easy to maintain decent battery power by now. But no matter how smart Siri seems to get, most people still have to charge her up on a daily basis.

Some companies have decided to tackle this problem by making charging more accessible, which is where the desk above comes in:  this unassuming piece of office furniture also has a built in wireless battery charger.

The desk was a joint project of Kokuyo Furniture, Murata Manufacturing, and Intel.  The concept is simple. They took the currently existing wireless charging pads and build it into a standard table.

The charging areas are shown by illuminated areas seen through the desktop which also indicate the charging progress.

The announcement was made on 27 September by Kokuyo which means that this product might become available in the not too distant future.

The idea is pretty cool but also kind of makes me want to get a pair of lead boxers.

Source: Kokuyo via IT Media (Japanese)