Need some personal space? South Korean furniture makers take studying to the next level

Do you easily get distracted by your surroundings when you ought to be working or studying? This might just be the kind of “personal space” you need!

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CATable promises to get the cat off your laptop and into the desk

Hong Kong-based designer, Ruan Hao, of architecture firm, LYCS, has created the CATable, a desk filled with tunnels and passageways for your cat to explore while you type away on the table top. It combines modern design with feline functionality, giving rise to the ultimate work/play…with your cat, desk. However, like with any expensive toy, your cat may just land up playing with the box it came in instead.

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Office Meeting Room Desk that Charges Mobile Devices Developed

With all the constant updates to smartphones and other portable devices, you would think it would be easy to maintain decent battery power by now. But no matter how smart Siri seems to get, most people still have to charge her up on a daily basis.

Some companies have decided to tackle this problem by making charging more accessible, which is where the desk above comes in:  this unassuming piece of office furniture also has a built in wireless battery charger.

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