After more than three years of searching, Tokyo police thought they had finally gotten a lead on the whereabouts of Kazuyuki Kobayashi, a male restaurant owner who suddenly went missing in May 2009, when an investigation led them to three men who were said to be acquainted with Kobayashi before his disappearance.

The men, who had been arrested on separate charges of fraud earlier this year, were brought to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department for questioning on Sept. 27 and were immediately suspected of murder after it was found that Kobayashi has come to them demanding the repayment of an unspecified amount of money he had lent them earlier.

The case then took an even more gruesome turn when, on October 1, two of the suspects confessed that they had stewed the pulverized remains of Kobayashi in a pot of curry.

According to the suspects, after murdering Kobayashi, they dismembered his body and kept in a freezer for roughly one year until, around August of last year, they pulverized his remains with a hammer, grilled them on a barbecue and then cooked them into a batch of curry.

Investigators believe that the suspects may have done this in order to cover up the smell of the body. Curry is known for having a strong smell and would surely be potent enough to neutralize the odor of the “ingredients.”

It remains unclear what they did with the curry after cooking it, and we’re not sure we want to know.

Source: Sponichi Annex, YouTube