One Twitter user didn’t find quite what he was expecting inside. 

Think back to your childhood toys. If you were into trucks and construction equipment, chances are you had some model of the yellow machinery manufactured by Caterpillar Inc., also known as CAT, in your toy box. With its distinctive color and logo, the equipment is instantly recognizable to people across the world:

Enter Japanese Twitter user @saba_41ki. In a recent post, he shared a photo of a toy box for remote control models of CAT construction equipment. While it’s unclear whether the box was meant for him or for someone else, there definitely seems to be a factory mistake in the box’s contents because that’s certainly the cutest and fluffiest machinery we’ve ever seen:

▼ “I know what’s written there, but you don’t have to go inside it…”

OK, either someone really messed up on the production side of things or this is the world’s cleverest Japanese cat! It could clearly read the English letters beckoning it inside, after all. 

Net reactions were tickled by the spectacle, posting amused comments such as the following:

“I wonder where they sell these–I’d love to get one!”
“It’s the strongest four-wheel drive.”
“What does it take for fuel? Yarn?”
“This one probably won’t do any work.”
“So where is the user guide for this CAT?”

Actually, we think this apparent error could be an excellent opportunity for the toy manufacturer to capitalize on its mistake and create a new “CAT x cat model”–something along the lines of this control-operated Catbus toy.

Source: Twitter/@saba_44ki
Featured image: Pakutaso
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