Oh cats, how we love you. We would try to count the ways, but we know you have better stuff to do than listen to us…like taking a nap in the sun, taking a nap on the couch, or taking a nap in a nabe. So, we’ll just say that of all the reasons we have to adore your fuzzy faces, perhaps the top one is your intractable nosiness. While we’re not entirely convinced that curiosity killed the cat–it might have Schrödinger for all we know–we are certain that watching our feline cuties get up to no good is one of the best ways to kill a few minutes while putting off work. So if you have a big project looming or some housework you’d rather be ignoring, check out these six adorable cat videos!

After all, you really don’t need to do that work today, do you?

Nope, of course you don’t!

To start you off, here’s a video of a cat trying way too hard to squeeze between a pair of sliding doors as two of his compatriots watch with vague interest. After flailing for a few seconds, the determined cat breaks on through to the other side.

An adorable video, isn’t it?? If it doesn’t leave you cooing “cuuuute,” then we’re a little worried you might be a bit…abnormal. But one video is hardly enough when you have a toilet bowl you’re trying to avoid cleaning!

As it turns out, the YouTube user, shironekoshiro, who uploaded the video above has a ton of cat videos on his or her channel. In fact, it looks like the YouTuber has posted a video almost daily–sometimes more–for the last two years. While videos of cats are always cute, there’s something particularly adorable about the cats in these videos–they’re all docile to the point where they don’t even twitch when adorned with whatever fruit or vegetables shironekoshiro happens to have lying around. Like carrots!

Or even fake eyelashes!

Watch out Kyari Pamyu Pamyu, you have some competition! Though you probably won’t have to worry until the kitty wakes up from its nap…so maybe in a few years.

Shironekoshiro even went so far as to turn the docile cats into beautiful flower children! No word yet on whether the cats plan to run away to San Francisco to join a few drum circles.

Well, we guess even cats have their limits. No more sakura blossoms!
However, it does look like at least one cat is pretty happy with a decopon hat. It’s good for keeping your ears lemony fresh, we suppose.

We don’t know what magical powers dekopon’s have, but apparently they work as well as sleeping spells. That cat stole the toy and he didn’t even notice!

And for our final video, shironekoshiro demonstrates the impressive skill of cat stacking.

But it turns out that keeping your cats in place when you want them to stay is difficult even for someone with the laziest cats we’ve ever seen. Still, we’d give this a B+ for at least getting them organized!

If you still need more cat videos, be sure to check out shironekoshiro’s YouTube channel. There are literally hundreds of videos of cats being adorable. Just try not to watch them all at once. We don’t know what effect that much cuteness would have on a human mind, but we’re pretty sure you’d need to be hospitalized!

Sources: YouTube (shironekoshiro) via Kotaro
Images: YouTube (shironekoshiro), Kotaro