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Maru the cat calmly examines monkeys as they say hello then steal a sandal

Maru the cat is charming audiences again with his relaxed demeanour, this time observing a couple of Japanese monkeys attempting to steal his owner’s sandal.

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Meet the world’s cutest quality control manager! 【Video】

We and the rest of the Japanese internet were completely charmed by this tweet showing off the world’s cutest and youngest quality control manager in action!

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When an old, bedridden dog and puppy meet, it’s as heartwarming as can be【Videos】

Fifteen-year-old Maro couldn’t even get out of bed, but his life suddenly became far happier when a playful new friend arrived.

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Who knew chipmunks eating corn could be so heart-meltingly cute? 【Video】

Sweet corn is now in season in Japan! Grilled or boiled, it’s juicy, sweet and delightful — and guess what? Humans aren’t the only ones crazy about the golden yellow vegetable.

Yes, some of our furry little friends are also passionate corn lovers, at least from what we can see in this video we found which we hope will satisfy your cute quota for the day, or even the week! Seriously, who would have thought that a simple video of a chipmunk eating corn could be so devastatingly adorable?

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[Video] A Case of Cat in the Box Plays with Cat on the Box

Okay, it’s a fact of life that cat lovers (myself included) can never get enough of cute cat videos, and to date RocketNews24 has certainly posted its share of articles on videos featuring adorable felines, ranging from the hilarious to the heartwarming. This time, for the viewing pleasure of our cat-loving readers, we present to you Chibi and Mimi, the “cat in the box” and the “cat on the box”.

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In purrr-fect synch! This adorable video is sure to put a smile on your face

Okay, I’m sure you’ve seen loads of cute cat videos on the internet already.  And they never fail to make you smile, do they?  Well, once again, we’ve found an utterly adorable cat video to share with our cat-loving viewers. This time, the video features three cats intently watching a game of tennis – and boy, are they focused on the ball! They’re so focused, in fact, that  all three of them move their heads in absolute perfect unison! But don’t take our word for it, you can see the video below yourself. Read More

Get a serious load of cute – this furry little McDonald’s fan has found the purrr-fect toy!

All of you cat-lovers out there, this is something you won’t want to miss! We’ve found a darned cute YouTube video that has captured the hearts of countless cat-loving internet viewers. The video shows a cat making a toy out of an unexpected object – a Mcdonald’s paper bag! Read More