The answer to that question: not a lot.

If you’re coming to the end of your relaxing weekend and aren’t looking forward to the week ahead, we have just the video to lift your spirits! (Yes, of course it involves cats).

As only cats can, this one is finding endless fun playing with an empty tissue box. Seeming convinced there’s something more interesting than thin air to be found, he insists on pushing his furry little face right through the opening, until the inevitable happens – he gets himself stuck. Watch for his hilarious attempts to free himself!

The other, clearly more sensible cat watches from a distance looking like it’s seen this a million times before, and it’s sweet to see it coming over to try and help its friend. But for me, the best part of the video is box-cat’s complete nonchalance after freeing himself. “Hm, so I guess there wasn’t anything interesting after all *sits down and licks self*”.

Source: Kotaro Blog

Video: Youtube