The Porsche 962C was the premier car of the 80s, winning back-to-back 24 Hours of Le Mans in 86 and 87 along with a slew of other series during that decade.  It was an inspiration for one Japanese man, whose dream was to own one himself.

So he purchased one of the very few street legal Group C Porsche 962’s in existence. And he allowed us a peak at a simple afternoon drive behind the wheel of one of the greatest race cars ever.

You can watch the unnamed owner take his dream car out onto the highways and city streets of Tateyabashi as he stops off at a gas station and Family Mart.

According to the video, the Porsche actually uses parts from a Porsche 956 and has a 630 horsepower 2.65 twin-turbo flat 6 engine.  It’s one of six built by former Australian driver Vern Schuppan, and possibly one of only two or three currently in Japan.

It’s fun to live vicariously through the owner as he drives around on city streets, but then as he pulls away from the Family Mart I noticed this:

Not to worry though, the film’s creator Luke Huxham had gotten permission from the store to use the handicap parking space while filming.

It would be awesome to have your own race car but just watching the car pull into the Family Mart parking lot made me cringe a little. You have to stick to only the most newly paved streets to keep from scraping the front end and underside all to hell.

Mr. Huxham and Maiham Media were responsible for the beautiful driving footage. The video was produced by Motorhead Magazine.

Source: Vimeo (English) via DNA (Japanese)
Images: Vimeo