Our reporter documents his epic fail at designing original SoraNews24 socks at Muji

Nothing like a good pair of socks to remind us that some people are blessed with artistic talent and others, well, aren’t.

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Bring on the spicy chill with our recommended customized Starbucks drink — chai Frappuccino!

Take a look at the latest Frappuccino customization hack!

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Japanese Man Takes Customized Street Legal Porsche 962C for Sunday Drive, Goes to the Convenience Store

The Porsche 962C was the premier car of the 80s, winning back-to-back 24 Hours of Le Mans in 86 and 87 along with a slew of other series during that decade.  It was an inspiration for one Japanese man, whose dream was to own one himself.

So he purchased one of the very few street legal Group C Porsche 962’s in existence. And he allowed us a peak at a simple afternoon drive behind the wheel of one of the greatest race cars ever.

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Chinese Man Creates Life Sized Transformer by Himself

Home of the independently created floating bed and doomsday escape pod, China has become a hotbed of DIY inventors making their dreams come true.  Such is the case for a resident of Jinan who, since watching Transformers 4 years ago, has been creating his very own.

After spending 70,000 yuan (US$11,000) and 6 months he was ready to unveil this robotic wonder. He sure looks proud. Let’s see it!

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