Remember Google’s 8-bit Google Maps April Fools’ prank from earlier this year?

Japanese four-piece all-female rock band, Negoto, have taken the idea to the next level by integrating their new music video with an 8-bit map of Tokyo so that it tracks the singer’s location as she goes on a grand adventure across the city.

Can’t quite picture what that’s supposed to look like? A click is worth a thousand words (click the word “▶みる” in yellow).

The video is titled “nameless,” and is the first of three music videos Negoto will be releasing each month to promote their second full-length release, a concept album due out in Feburary 2012. 

As the video begins, the girls of Negoto are all killed by a mysterious figure. As they die, their names escape from their body and they, supposedly, become ghosts. According to a mysterious middle-aged woman, the only way they can come back to life is by recovering their names.

The rest of the story follows lead singer Sachiko as she embarks on a Dragon Quest-style adventure around Tokyo’s Shimokitazawa district, fighting schoolgirls and salarymen so that she can reclaim the names of her and her bandmates.

The website doesn’t let you play around with the map, which means they probably recreated Shimokitazawa only. Even still, the idea is well-executed and it’d be fun to see it used more often, even with regular Google Maps.

Negoto formed in 2006 and made their major debut in September 2010 under the label Ki/oon Records with a mini-album, followed by their first full album release in July 2011.

Be sure to keep up with the band on their official site or YouTube channel so you don’t miss the next exciting installment of the Negoto trilogy.

Source: YouTube, Negoto

■ Negoto has a track record of creative and interesting music videos. We’re excited to see what they come up with next!