Gundam has been standing watch over Diversity Tokyo Plaza in Odaiba all by himself for quite some time now.  He’s been holding down the fort fairly well, but it looks like Gundam is in need of some flower power.  That’s where the Tokyo Gundam Project 2012, an initiative aimed at promoting the green movement and tree planting, stepped in.  Thanks to this initiative, Flower Gundam, with the strength of 10,000 flowers, is now helping normal Gundam keep watch.

Flower Gundam is the same size as the original Gundam statue.  From far away, he looks like a beautiful topiary robot, but up close, Flower Gundam is a little terrifying and seems big enough to swallow you whole!

Utilizing 10,000 begonias, zinnias, and star daisies, its formal name is “Flower Gundam Topiary.”  Unfortunately, it was raining the day our reported visited the Flower Gundam Topiary, causing the flowers to look a little dull.  Despite the bad weather, the photos still look beautiful.  Just imagine how much flower power Gundam would have on a bright day when his flowers are in full bloom.

Act fast!  The Flower Gundam Topiary will only be around until October 28.  Don’t miss your chance to see Gundam and Flower Gundam together in action.

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