Rare chance to ice skate next to giant anime robot also part of winter festivities.

The Diver City entertainment complex on the Tokyo Bay island of Odaiba has a lot going for it. It’s got a large number of specialty shops, lots of dining options, and is just a short walk from the seashore where you can see some great views of the Tokyo skyline.

Really, though, the main reason to go is because there’s a full-scale 19.7-meter (64.6-foot) statue of anime robot Gundam standing right outside the building.

And right now, Diver City has even more Gundam goodness inside, thanks to the ongoing Gundam Docks event. For example, step inside the first entrance you’ll come to after exiting the nearby Tokyo Teleport train station…

…and you’ll be instantly greeted by a 1/10-scale statue of the original RX-78 Gundam.

▼ Apparently he’s not needed on the set of Ready Player One today.

During the event, statues representing various Gundam models from the franchise’s nearly 40-year history can be found on each floor of the complex.

▼ Due to the fully armored nature of his feet, Gundam can go without a pair of Dr. Martens.

In addition to the statues, Diver City’s interior is decked out with all sorts of Gundam art.

▼ Even the non-robotic cast is part of the festivities.

Some of the coolest art can be found on the fourth floor, where trick art panels let you cleverly use perspective to put yourself into anime action scenes.

▼ Little-known fact: demonstrating that you can stop a beam saber slash with your bare hands is part of the SoraNews24 application process.

Look up, and you’ll see some actual three-dimensional art, in the form of giant inflatable versions of robot companion Haro hanging in the atrium.

Once you’ve seen everything inside, make your way back out to the Festival Plaza, where the full-size Gundam statue is. Off to one side, on an exterior staircase connecting Diver City’s first and second floors, is an array of 21 1/10-scale mobile suits, consisting of the RX-78 and 10 specimens each of the GM and Zaku, eternal cannon fodder units of Gundam’s good guys and bad guys, respectively.

And of course, you’ll want to gaze up at the giant statue of the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam, which is lit up at night and periodically transforms between Destroy to Unicorn Modes.

And if you happen to like not just anime, but winter sports as well, there’s a temporary ice skating rink set up in the plaza too, so that you can practice your double lutz under the patient, caring gaze of the RX-0.

The ice skate will be open until January 28, but the Gundam Docks event is only going on until January 8.

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