As a high ranking anti-terrorist agent in my fantasies off-time I’m often attacked by knife wielding maniacs.  This is why when I read Gigazine’s coverage of the recent Special Equipment Exhibition & Conference for Anti-Terrorism (SEECAT) 2012 in Tokyo I saw something that really piqued my interest.

On display at the Tanizawa Corp. booth was a sporty looking sweater that also prevents damage from knife slashes.  It could be the most comfy looking piece of armor I’ve seen.

The shirt is made from a material called Cut-Tex PRO designed by British body armor company PPSS, which just happens to have the most bad-ass CEO I’ve ever seen.  Take a look.

The fabric is designed to meet the highest international standards of cut resistance, but the makers would like to emphasize that this is a “cut-resistant” not “cut-proof shirt.”  So don’t buy one then start taking circular saws to the chest, or you’re gonna have a bad time.

The shirt on display at SEECAT 2012 was a zip-up with a collar that you can flip-up to protect your jugular. However, there’s also a turtleneck, long underwear and more available from PPSS.

Also the sweater on display was currently unavailable in Japan but on release is expected cost around 25,000 yen (US$315). Even if you’re not traveling the world solving entire terrorist plots within 24 hours like myself, these garments could still have practical applications in factories or construction sites.

Source: PPSS (English) via Gigazine (Japanese)
Inset Video: PPSS, Gigazine
Images: PPSS

▼  Here’s the PPSS CEO again, slashing at himself… hardcore.

▼  And if you think it’s a trick here’s the demonstration Gigazine witnessed at SEECAT.

▼  Cut-Tex PRO can be weaved into limitless types of clothing.


▼  Trouble with the missus? How about some knife resistant shorts?