There are a variety of fashion select shops in Japan, Beams being one of them.  With over 70 shops nation wide, Beams is a good place to go for a fashionable selection of shoes and clothes. This spring, Beams opened a new branch called B:ming Life Store, a family oriented fashion shop.

At the B:ming in Kichijoji, Tokyo, they’ve created an exciting way to have some fun while you shop. Embedded on the wall is a huge display which instructs you to make various poses and uses Kinect to doll you up and turn you into a fashion ad on the spot!

It made perfect sense when explained to us by the attractive clerk.  Embedded in the wall below the display is Microsoft’s motion sensing input device, Kinect, which automatically picks up on the image of someone near by and dresses them up with comic-like speech bubbles and sound effects. Be the best model you can, then save it for posterity, because after the shoot is finished, a QR code is displayed so that you can save it onto your smartphone or cell phone, making it your very own.  What fun!

Now, while mom and dad concentrate on clothes shopping, the kids won’t grow weary of waiting and start whining to leave.  Everyone is happy!

The Kincet display is available at other B:ming stores, not just the Kichijoji one.

B:ming is providing fashion, as well as entertainment for all members of the family.  Beams has extended its brand through B:ming to include kids and baby clothes as well as men’s and women’s fashion.  Stylish gachagacha toy machines are available for the kids to enjoy also, as long as parents don’t run out of hundred yen coins.  B:ming is a place the whole family can enjoy!

The gachagacha

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