Ziploc x Beams Couture collaboration from Japan makes transparent bag fashion cool

Hats, rucksacks, aprons and bumbags are just some of the items in the new Ziploc fashion collection hitting streets this summer.

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Starbucks teams up with Japanese clothing brand to create stylish new contactless payment system

Check out how the cool crowd orders coffee at Starbucks in Japan.

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Wear Pikachu or a Poké Ball on your arm and be fashionably on time with Pokémon × BEAMS watches!

There’s no denying that Pokémon and the series’ adorable Pikachu are loved around the world. The international franchise has been around long enough that there are now several generations of former kids who grew up infatuated with the fantastic monsters but who may feel they can no longer openly show their affection for Pokémon, on account of supposedly being all “grown up”.

Well, you may be a grown-up in age, but if you still have a tiny bit of that Pokémon Master left in you, you might be delighted by the newest collaborative item being offered by fashion and culture brand BEAMS and the Pokémon Company. Check out these Pokémon×BEAMS watches that combine fashionable design and accurate time-keeping with your love of the Pokémon world!

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Beams’es Family Store B:ming Lets You Have Fun With Kinect

There are a variety of fashion select shops in Japan, Beams being one of them.  With over 70 shops nation wide, Beams is a good place to go for a fashionable selection of shoes and clothes. This spring, Beams opened a new branch called B:ming Life Store, a family oriented fashion shop.

At the B:ming in Kichijoji, Tokyo, they’ve created an exciting way to have some fun while you shop. Embedded on the wall is a huge display which instructs you to make various poses and uses Kinect to doll you up and turn you into a fashion ad on the spot!

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