Starting from 1 November, a completely new kind of Disney Store opened in the Takayashima Station Mall in Kashiwa city, Chiba.  Until now all Disney Stores around the world followed the strict design specifications of the originals in America.

However, for the first time ever a Disney Store with a totally different look has opened in an effort to target adult female Disney fans.  Rather than stickers, school supplies and stuffed animals, shoppers will be able to buy leather bags, cosmetics and smartphone accessories.

Normally Disney Stores have that wide open space and blue and red motif we’ve all seen before.  But this new outlet has abandoned that formula for a slimmed down size creamy white color scheme for more subtle mature tastes.

That being said, they haven’t completely dried up all the youthful fun of the originals. There are still mirrors that you can look into to create sparkles around your head and pictures that change depending what angle you look at them.  All the playfulness is intact just not as in-your-face.

Although the range of stuffed animals has decreased for the original store there is still a fair amount including the popular line of teddy bears, UniBEARsity. In fact, to celebrate the opening there are a limited number of bears that have never been seen before and never will after.

For this brief time you can get a brown “Mocha & Pudding” or white “Whip & Puffy” for 3,000 yen each.  All bears are adorned with either a sky-blue tie or ribbon exclusive to this single Disney Store.

This concept store designed in Japan to attract the more lucrative adult market and also focus more on Disney characters especially popular in Japan.  If the store proves successful then we may see adult oriented Disney Store spread around the globe.  So if you’re in Chiba head on down and check it out!

Source: Disney Store via NewsGate (Japanese)
Photo: Disny Store(Screen shot)