Earlier this week, we heard the confessions of a crossdressing man in Tokyo (the beauty in the middle of the above photo).  As it turns out, this one-night crossdresser works with our next costume-wearing confessor (and they all work at our Japanese sister site, Pouch).

Snow White, pictured above, was hesitant to walk the streets of Japan in costume on a weekday.  However, she swallowed her fear and spent the entire day as a Disney princess.  The following is her account of a day as Snow White in Tokyo on a weekday.


Today was Halloween, the one day of the year you can walk the streets in costume.  I already went to a party on Saturday, but instead of using that as an excuse to not dress up on the 31st, I decided to just go for it and wear my costume again.

But today is a weekday.  So is tomorrow.   If I was going to wear a costume on Halloween, I’d have to wear it to work.  As I get older, I’ve unfortunately had fewer and fewer chances to dress up and I waited all year for Halloween to come, so I decided to take advantage of it! Also, I’m lucky enough to work in a place that doesn’t have a dress code, so no one would care if I showed up to work in costume.

So since I already had the costume, the will, and the go-ahead from my boss to dress-up, I commuted to work and spent the whole day as Snow White.  

<Morning in the Streets>

Halloween morning on a weekday.  As I left my Tokyo apartment, the streets were filled with tidy office workers on their daily commute.  These are the same people I soldier on to work with every day, blending into the crowd, but today I felt like a stranger.

To be honest, it was refreshing to step outside in different clothing, but my usually timid self couldn’t help but check my reflection in store windows from time to time.  There’s no way I was going to back down, so I had to keep telling myself, “You look awesome in this get-up!”

<Rush Hour>

The trains were full of serious office workers and the people sitting in front of me kept stealing glances at my costume.  I felt so out of place!  “No, I’m not out of place, I’m unique!” I kept telling myself on the ride to Shinjuku. I was in a cold sweat!

<Coworkers’ Reaction>

When I finally arrived at work, I gave everyone a hearty, “Good morning!” just like I do every day. But no one even looked at me!  I panicked thinking, “This is the worst!  I’m so embarrassed!  Someone say something!”

A little shaken, I decided to sit down at my computer and get to work.  Just as I did, my coworker, Mr. A, got up to go to the bathroom.  He paused, saying, “Huh? Why are you dressed like that?”  Finally, someone noticed! Because of the commotion, all of my coworkers looked my way all at once.  The office was silent.  I quickly said, “What the heck! You guys didn’t dress up even though it’s Halloween?” but my words had no effect.

<My Costume Wearing Comrades Showed Up>

It’s like they read my mind!  Some of my coworkers who work in my department came to work in costume! It was a miracle!

I looked around and even Yoshio at RocketNews24 came to work in a costume for Halloween.  I’m convinced that if everyone dressed up in costume, it would bring peace to the world.  Dressing up is the best!  Cosplay forever!!!!!!

^ You can see one of the serious employees not dressed in a costume in the background.

<Making Progress at Work>

Some of you may be thinking, “What’s so special about dressing up at work?”  To be honest, I worked harder and progressed farther while wearing my costume.  I felt like a different person and felt so refreshed that I easily and happily did my work.  At my department meetings, new ideas came unusually quickly and somehow I was remarkably enthusiastic all day.  The cosplay effect is amazing!

Perhaps we should all wear costumes even if it’s not Halloween; if we dress up more often, the cosplay effect could be even greater.  Yep, I guess there’s more to Halloween than meets the eye.

Dressing up at work for Halloween is a memory I will cherish forever.  I hope you all try and dress in costume at least once and savor the extraordinary feeling it brings.

^Unity in the Pouch editorial department!

^ Chugging along, the cosplay effect in action!

^Our crossdressing beauty

^It’s a fantasy office!

^ Keeping it classy

^Alice hard at work. So cute!

^Nice legs, Yoshio!

^Hellloooooo Nurse!

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