Adorable Cat Swims in Bathtub

I’m not going to lie. I hate cats.

But watching this little guy paddle around in a bathtub is enough to melt my cold, callous, feline-hating heart.

The video starts out with a little gray cat, ears turned down, swimming around in a bathtub filled with water.  At first, it looks as if he’s not enjoying his miniature pool, but as the video progresses, the little kitty is so calm and seems to love swimming.

At this point the video is pretty cute, but I’ve been a dog lover my entire life.  It’s going to take a lot more than a cat in a tub to change my mind about the fur ball-coughing, sworn enemies of man’s best friend.

…And then the camera zooms in on the cat’s paws and I couldn’t help but sigh, “Awww!” and wish I had a kitty of my own.

Adorable Cat Swims in Bathtub

White paws paddling away, chubby little body floating in the water.  Your heart is two sizes too small if you don’t think that’s cute.

Also, who knew cats float.  With the reputation of hating water, you would think that a cat would sink like a rock when submerged, but this little guy is quite buoyant, barely even twitching his little paws to stay afloat.

The camera then pans out and we find that there is a second cat, perched on the side of the bathtub.  More cuteness ensues.

Adorable Cat Swims in Bathtub

But despite this swimming cat’s loveable antics, a little part of me still wished someone came in and pushed that second cat in the water.


Source: TweetBuzz, Youtube