This is the most adorable black cat “battle” we’ve ever seen!

While some cats live harmoniously with their feline siblings, others prefer to reign supreme over the household, and others don’t quite know what to do when a new arrival appears in their midst. This cute black kitty from Japan falls into the latter category, as it stands off against a much tinier, mini-me version of itself, weighing up the situation before finally making its move.

▼ The adorable clip, entitled “Check out my cat’s combat power”, has been melting hearts everywhere since it appeared on Twitter and YouTube two days ago.

With such gentle combat powers on display, if these two were fighting off as characters in a gaming battle, we’re not sure who would win! Would it be the cat on the right, who slowly raised its paw after ten intense seconds of contemplation?


▼ Or would it be the stoic kitten on the left, who faced off against the giant figure in front of it without even flinching?


▼ With a quick tap on the head of the kitten, the battle appears to be over, and the two can now put it all behind them and get on with being friends.


The sweet video, posted by Twitter user @Rindow_Nitori, became an instant hit online, receiving more than 89,000 retweets and over 120,000 likes in just one day, with fellow Twitter users leaving adoring comments like:

“I can’t handle this much cuteness!”
“I’ve never seen such a gentle punch!”
“This just touched my heart!”
“No matter how many times I watch this, I can’t stop smiling!”
“What a wonderfully kind cat! If this were my kitty it would’ve instantly erupted into a huge fight!”

According to their owner, these cats get along so well that this is the closest they’ve ever come to having a fight. Hopefully that means the two have now joined forces to focus on using their powers together rather than against each other!

Source, images: Twitter/@Rindow_Nitori