Splish splash they were takin’ a bath!

Everyone knows that a cat’s mortal enemy is water. If you have a cat and have been in the unfortunate position of being The Bath Giver, either your cat made you feel like the absolute worst person in the world with his end-of-days screeching, or you walked away with your arms a shredded, bloody mess.

But bathtime in the home of Mel and Liz, a Norwegian forest cat and ragdoll cat, respectively, is nothing but fun and games.

Cat-mama @keitomeru posted a few photos on Twitter of Mel and Liz, fur completely soaked, in a bathtub filled with water. Along with the photos, she wrote: “A normal scene in our home, but an unthinkable scene for other cat owners.”

Truly an unthinkable scene! Many other cat owners commented with their surprise:

“Back when I lived with my parents, all I did was carry our cat near the bathroom and she put up a huge struggle and clawed me just below my eye. I shudder to think what would’ve happened if it was just a few millimeters higher…”

“They look so calm. It must be so easy to bathe them. Cats normally cry like they’re dying in agony and put up a huge fight.”

“I’m jealous. With my cat it was always like a scene from hell. But since cats don’t need to be washed I’ve decided not to do it anymore ^^;”

As the last commentor mentioned, cats don’t really need to be bathed, so unless Fluffy has gotten himself particularly dirty (or if he happens to enjoy bathtime, like Mel and Liz do), there’s no need to stress your kitty out, or put your arms, or eyes, at risk!

Source, featured image: Twitter/@keitomeru via Togech