Come pet me, hooman…and I’ll show you what’s inside my belly. 

Perhaps one of the only downfalls to owning a cat is the fact that most of them don’t care to go on walks with you. While dogs leap around with joy at their owners during a stroll around the park, cat owners know their feline companions would likely claw the flesh from their arms at the mere suggestion of an outdoor playdate.

So when Japanese Twitter users caught sight of a cat that wasn’t just outdoors but taking a ride on a hooman’s back, they immediately zoomed in for a closer look. That’s when they realised the calm-looking kitty was actually made from felt, and it wasn’t just a plush toy replica of a cat — it doubled as a practical backpack to boot.

▼ Look at all the realistic details on that beautiful face!

Created by talented wool felt artist Cat Production Pico (@picopoco08), this beautiful feline is incredibly well-behaved and…those eyes! We just can’t get over those soul-piercing eyes!

It’s not just the cat’s eyes that have grabbed everyone’s attention — its pink little paw pads have everyone wanting to give them a gentle squish.

Turning the cat around reveals a zipper for storage and metal rings that turn it into a backpack once the two removable straps are connected.

▼ Inside the cat are even more cats!

▼ The zip section is cleverly concealed within the cat’s fur.

▼ Even from such a short distance, the cat looks as if it’s a live, breathing animal.

As soon as the images of the kitty backpack were shared online, they immediately went viral, earning thousand of likes and retweets, and messages from people around the world, who wanted to purchase one for themselves.

Sadly, this cat is a one-of-a-kind creation and can’t be purchased at the moment, as its maker is already swamped with the task of fulfilling other orders.

Some of those other orders include these handmade Boston bags, which also feature a kitty cat with arresting eyes.

Cat Production Pico has been making unique cat bags for years, with some of them selling for hundreds of dollars on Yahoo! Auctions. If that sounds like too steep a price for an outdoor-loving kitty, though, you can always try your hand at making a wool-felt cat of your own.

Images: Twitter/@picopoco08Instagram/@nekoseisaku_picoCat Production Pico
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