While some people escape to the beach during the sweltering days of August, others jump in front of the TV to feast their eyes on all the glorious carnage that the Discovery Channel’s annual Shark Week has to offer. And now we can add a new form of entertainment to that summer bucket list–watching cats cosplaying as sharks.

Some of you may have already seen this video of a cat dressed in a shark costume riding a Roomba floating around the internet, but don’t let that stop you from giving it another watch!

YouTuber TexasGirly1979‘s video of a shark baby and a shark cat on a Roomba has been getting quite the attention lately. I mean, we didn’t even know that shark cats existed, let alone in inland Texas. Guess that’s what happens when you’re not in Kansas anymore…

All jokes aside, watching the shark cat (whose real name is Max-Arthur) zip around on the Roomba is strangely hypnotizing to watch. He seems more than content with his ride, even when it bumps into the wall or his other shark friend. Of course, it could just be the sheer feline laziness that comes with being a 13-year-old cat (that’s 68 in human years, according to Wikipedia’s handy cat years converter). Thankfully, no hairballs were produced in the making of this film (or whatever shark cats are apt to cough up).

▼That face is clearly saying, “What I put myself through to entertain teh hoomans…”



▼Going in for the kill…or so it appears.



▼”Whoah buddy, don’t you know what personal space is?”


This isn’t the only video starring Max-Arthur as ‘Shark Cat”–the little celebrity other film credits include chasing a duckling, cruising next to the swimming pool, and zooming along to a special version of “What does the Shark Cat Say?”, all from the comfort of his beloved Roomba.


We think that an army of feline fish would make an excellent addition to next year’s Comiket cosplay lineup. At the very least, couldn’t someone get Max-Arthur a cameo in the next Sharknado installment?

Source: IT Media
Screenshots: YouTube