If you catnap too hard, your face will stick that way!

Ah, cute cat photos: the bread and butter of the internet. The Japanese cat realm is a particularly abundant crop, with cute cats leaping in and out of boxes or wearing hats crafted from their own fur. With recent Twitter conversations about how much cats understand what we talk to them about, we feel a closer kinship with our kitty friends than ever, and what’s more relatable than how hard those little guys can sleep?

@on_nen on Twitter shared a great snap of her family cat, waking up from what looks to have been one hell of a siesta.

▼ “Got this update from home, ‘The cat’s sporting some serious bedhead’. The attached image was even wilder than I imagined…”

The cat is named Kojiro and lives in @on_nen’s familial home, from where her dad sends regular updates on the cat’s cute antics. While Kojiro likes to sleep as much as any cat, this is the first time he slept so hard he mashed his face into a flat line on one side.

▼ Kojiro in a pre-flattened state

The picture garnered a ton of likes and retweets due to the killer combo of Kojiro’s sleepy expression, his radiant cuteness and the concave semicircle smushed out of the side of his face. One reply drew a cinematic parallel:

Now that’s a knockout nap! It’s up in the air how much it’ll help with bedhead, but if @on_nen’s dad needs any help keeping Kojiro comfy at night he can consult this Twitter thread from earlier in the year.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@on_nen