One of the the things people find most charming about food in Japan is how creative the presentation can be. From adorable panda rice balls to over the top bento lunchboxes, the Japanese have perfected the art of making food something that you can enjoy with both your eyes and your mouth.

If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at food presentation à la Japan, six Japanese YouTube channels are holding a giveaway for a set of cute sandwich cutters, as well as introducing six creative ways to use them.

The giveaway is for a Sando de Panda sandwich cutter, a handy little tool used to make pocket sandwiches by cutting out and sealing off the edges of bread. The cutter is available in square, circle, heart, and clover shapes, and can be purchased from Rakuten for those who live in Japan.

To enter the giveaway, you must leave a comment on one of the six recipe videos (see below). You may enter only once per video, but you can increase your chances of winning by leaving a comment on each of the participating channels. To qualify for entry, your comment must answer a specific question given by each video.

The six videos follow below. Be sure to check the description or watch the entire video for instructions on what to comment.

▼ Apple Jam Sandwich by Mosogourmet 

▼ Wasabi Tuna Melt Sandwiches by Ochikeron

▼ Fruit Sandwiches by Cookingwithdog

▼ Dessert Sandwiches by MarimoMarshmallow

▼ Sandwich Russian Roulette by Megwin

▼ Sandwich Christmas Ornaments by Sasakiaasahi

▼ Sanwich…Anything by Kazuchu0924

※For those who can’t read Japanese: The comment question for Kazuho924’s video is “What do you want me to review next?”

With all these great sandwich ideas how could you NOT want to enter the giveaway? We’re thinking of trying out Megwin’s Sandwich Russian Roulette at this year’s RocketNews24 Christmas Party ourselves…

The giveaway is open worldwide and runs until 11:59 Japan time on January 4, 2013. Winners will be selected randomly.

Source: YouTube

▼ How to use the cutters