Subway may be as popular in Japan as it is in the US–which isn’t really surprising, since the company advertises itself as a healthy meal option. We’re not sure how healthy the sandwiches actually are, but that’s marketing for you. Nevertheless, it is true that a Subway sandwich certainly contains a lot more vegetables than, say, a Big Mac and fries.

And if you’re one of these Japanese Twitter users, your sandwich is literally bursting with vegetables! We’re not sure if this really a lifehack or not, but it is a way to get a sub sandwich and a salad all for price of the just the former.

First, you may be wondering just how much extra “stuff” you can get your friendly Subway employee to jam in your sandwich. This is one example:

“I always ask for lots of vegetables at Subway, but the lady in front of me put in a crazy order, asking for ‘as much as possible.’ When I saw that, I copied her and this was the result.”

And the Twitter user above wasn’t the only one! It looks like asking for as much as possible for vegetables, or “野菜上限まで yasai jougen made,” is a great way to get your daily allotment of greens!

“My body is getting weak from one year-end party after another, so I’m supplementing it with some veggies. ‘As much as possible’ is awesome!”

“More and more vegetables! I asked for MAXIMUM vegetables. It got all of this added for free.”

“Look at all the veggies in my Subway sandwich! You can feel the passion!”

If you love vegetables–and you should because they’re delicious–you’ll definitely want to put your new knowledge to work and ask for as many vegetables as they’ll give you. But you’ll probably want to eat that sandwich quickly…

“I asked for as many veggies as they would give me, but on the way home, there was so much juice that the toast got soggy.”

And even if you’re toast doesn’t end up getting sacrified for the veggie goodness, you’ll still have other “problems.”

“I tried asking for ‘as much as possible’ for my Subway vegetables, and this is the insane result. LOL You can’t even see the ham on my ham and mascarpone sandwich!”

“I tried ordering ‘as much as possible’ for my veggies at Subway. I can’t even get it all in the sandwich!”

The “as much as possible” vegetables were a big hit online, and quite a few Japanese ladies on Twitter were excited about the mounds of greens…but were too embarrassed to ask for “as much as possible.” This lady found a work-around for her embarrassment, though!

“I got my boyfriend to get a Subway sandwich packed full of vegetables for me. ヾ(:3ノシヾ)ノシ”

In case you’re wondering what, exactly, “as much as possible” means, according to Subway’s FAQ, you can get between 1.5 and 2 times as much as the typical amount. And, of course, you can get your overflowing sandwich to go, though Subway does ask that you be sure to eat it as soon as possible.

Of course, not everyone wants a few pounds of vegetables on their sandwich. We don’t know what’s wrong with those people, we do have good news for them anyway! There’s one Tokyo Subway shop that can overload you with roast beef as well…

This Subway [in the second building of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Tokyo] has something called the ‘Infinity Destroyer,’ which has stuff like five times as much roast beef, and the ‘Giant Sub,’ which is almost 45 cm long and uses special ‘hand-knitted’ bread. They have the perfect menu for when you want to eat a lot!”

Subway (2)Twitter (@kei_an)

Subway (1)Twitter (@kei_an)

So, next time you’re in a Subway in Tokyo, be sure to ask for “yasai jougen made” to get a sandwich absolutely packed with veggies! And maybe get some salad dressing too…

Sources: Naver Matome
Images: Twitter (@kei_an), Twitter (@T_Hash), Instagram (kozinho7656)