Recently the image of a Dragon Quest style floor mat was released on Twitter caused many long-time role playing fans to rise up as one and say “Take my money!”

Unfortunately for me and for thou, this mat, dubbed “Quest Mat”, cannot be bought by conventional means such as gold. In true Dragon Quest fashion it can only be found by searching the urban dungeons known as “video game shops” and then wrested from the clutches of the evil “staff” who are keeping them locked away from us.

Retweet of photo originally posted in 2012

The mat in the image above was won by one brave adventurer after besting the staff of Playland Pulse in Kanagawa Prefecture in a game of chance. If thy luck stat was high enough thou may’ve acquired one as well.

Talking to thy local townsfolk may yield clues to finding one.  It won’t be easy though. There are monsters and other warriors who will try to stop thee from thy mat of destiny.

The elders at website Byokan Sunday said that it was foretold in the scriptures of I’Nternet that such a mat cannot directly be exchanged for gold. It can only be won.

And when thy treasure is won, thou must make a “Chuqh Chuqh Chuqh” sound with thy mouth when stepping onto the mat.  Drinketh of the cup of Milk if thou has trouble.

Perhaps the Dragon Quest gods will see fit to make these mats available for trade in the future.  And why stop there?  They could release all of the environment squares in mat for so we can decorate our homes in our favorite maps.

Source: Byokan Sunday (Japanese)
Top Image: Twitter
Bottom Image: Playland Pulse Blog