Beating on smiling blue slimes for single points of experience and coins of gold is taxing work. So for those famished dragon questers and/or warriors in the Tokyo area Square Enix and TBI are set to open the Dragon Question Super Light Cafe (DQSL Cafe).

The cafe is expected to be modeled after the Dragon Quest world and feature dishes based on its characters. This may be the only time that you can nibble on a metal slime (risotto) and sip on a killing machine at the same time. But there are more secrets to be had here as well! Command?



The DQSL Cafe menu is announced as follows:

Metal Slime Risotto – 880 yen (US$7.40)/ 115exp

Golem Potato – 680 yen ($5.70)/ 5exp

Yggdrasil Salad – 780 yen ($6.50)/ 345exp

Darkonium Slime Caprese Salad – 880 yen ($7.40)/ 5880exp

Ultrus – 780 yen ($6.50)/ 774exp

Killing Machine – 680 yen ($5.70)/ 1880exp

Psaro the Manslayer Kahlua & Milk – 780 yen ($6.50)/ 0exp

Kusharami Pink Typhoon Cocktail – 780 yen ($6.50)/ 5500exp

The cafe is set up to celebrate the release of Dragon Quest Monsters Super Light. A game for smartphones and tablets where players raise monsters for battles and adventures. This Super Light edition allows for multiplayer quests and other features online.

By purchasing food at the DQSL Cafe players can earn items for use in the game such as gold, keys, maps, or monster eggs.

The cafe will open its doors for the first time on 28 April at 4:00pm but customers are urged to make a reservation on line anytime from now (see the link below). After making your reservation, for your party and head on down to Shibuya Station. Be sure to stear clear of the Shinjuku Station dungeon until leveling up here first.

Let’s Play with Everyone! Dragon Quest Super Light Cafe
Shibuya Garden Hana – Special Space
B1 Shinetawa Shibuhigashi 2-6-17 Dogenzaka, Shibuya, Tokyo
Open 7 Days a Week 11:30am to 11:30pm

Reservations can be made here (Japanese)

Dragon Quest Monsters Super Light

Google Play


Source: DQSL Cafe via Biglobe News (Japanese)