Many Slimes appear in Minato Mirai!

“A Slime appears!” is a common development in the video game realms of Dragon Quest, but it’s something that happens less often here in our world. But this summer Slimes are indeed going to be appearing in the city of Yokohama, about half an hour south of downtown Tokyo, as the city hosts the Dragon Quest Carnival in Yokohama Minato Mirai event.

Serving as venues will be Landmark Plaza and Mark Is, two neighboring entertainment complexes in Yokohama’s Minato Mirai harbor district. Both will have gigantic pubic art displays, with Landmark Plaza suspending a gigantic Slime, 5 meters (16.4-feet) in diameter in its central atrium…

…and Mark Is decorating its atrium with a “Slime Shower” above a King Slime positioned atop a Dragon Quest world map-style floor and background for immersive photos.

The festivities will include a Slime Painting Activity, where you can purchase an unglazed ceramic Slime, paint it in whatever colors you like, and take it home with you.

The 69th-floor observation lounge of Landmark Plaza, the skyscraper that rises from Landmark Plaza, will be having an exhibition to celebrate the upcoming 2D-HD remake of Dragon Quest III, with more photo spots featuring Slime and other iconic monsters from the Square Enix video game series. Landmark Plaza’s Cafe Fan Base is also cooking up some Dragon Quest monster-themed menu items, and a stamp rally, with a total of six stamp locations divided between Mark Is and Landmark Plaza, will reward those who fill out their stamp sheet with exclusive stickers showing Slime and its friends cavorting in and around famous Yokohama locations including the Cosmo Clock Ferris wheel, Akarenga Red Brick Warehouse, and Chinatown.

Dragon Quest Carnival in Yokohama Minato Mirai kicks off on July 20 and runs until August 18.

Source, images: PR Times
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