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A creative Dragon Quest Builders player has managed to build a Mario Kart-inspired in-game race course so impressive, he received praise from the game’s producer himself.

It seems like Dragon Quest Builders, the newest effort in the renowned JRPG franchise, still has its share of haters, who are calling the new game nothing more than a clone of, you know, that other game that kickstarted this whole mining and crafting trend.

But if the sheer scope, scale and overall awesomeness of the kinds of things players are building with the game’s intuitive crafting system mere days after the title’s release are any indication, Dragon Quest Builders appears to be, erm… building on the standard Minecraft formula with an extremely user-friendly interface and some clever limitations that let players focus more on crafting and less on spending days endlessly digging tunnels into the very core of the earth.

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I mean, sure, some guys have managed to use Minecraft‘s crafting to build literal, functioning computers and 1-to-1 replicas of Westeros, but those projects took years and, in some cases, huge teams of users. On the other hand, Dragon Quest Builders has only been out for about two weeks, and we’ve already got this YouTube video of a player’s working Mario Kart-inspired course created from Builders‘ in-game blocks and tools.

Posted by YouTuber MoNoNa To, the video of the course has only so far garnered a modest 150,000 views, but among those watching was apparently none other than Dragon Quest Builders producer Noriyoshi Fujimoto, who took to Twitter to praise the player’s creation.

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It’s a shame, however, that so far no direct multiplayer options exist for Dragon Quest Builders, although it seems that players can interact asynchronously by borrowing each other’s in-game creations. Sadly, that means, at least for now, MoNoNa To is doomed to run this genius carting course in endless loops, all by her/his lonesome. Still, while Dragon Quest Builders‘ game engine may not support the kind of mind-bending, mad scientist creations of Minecraft, it’s promising to see something this cool coming out of the game’s toolset so soon after release.

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Source: My Game News Flash
Images: YouTube/MoNoNa To