Village Vanguard's Slime Curry

A Curry Slime draws near!

Over the years, various goods and edibles have been spawned by Slimes, the ever-popular video game baddies from the Dragon Warrior/Quest series. To get in on the google-eyed action, funky Japanese bookstore chain Village Vanguard has come up with this newest addition to its lineup of creative pre-made curries: the Slime Curry. It’s not quite as cute as the Hatsune Miku curry and it’s not quite the ghastly shade of green of this matcha one, but this gloopy little curry slime can’t wait to sidle up to your next plate of rice!


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Village Vanguard strives to be an “Exciting Book Store,” you can have fun and play in. True to its motto, the popular chain sells anything from toys and jewelry to novelty foods and kitschy home décor, as well as reading material of course.

▼ Outside a Village Vanguard in the Asagaya area of Tokyo. Let me at those capsule toy machines!

Village Vanguard asagaya tokyo

In the wake of the store’s Melon Curry and Unazuki Beer Curry comes the limited edition Slime Curry, which was the winning idea from a product development contest open to all VV employees. It will go on sale in late September for 1,080 yen (~US $10.06) and is now available for preordering.

The vivid teal color that brings to mind toothpaste or household cleaning products isn’t quite the color of those weakling Slimes, but you have to keep in mind that this product wasn’t created in collaboration with Nintendo! Color aside, the puddle-like appearance is rather reminiscent of the poisonous Bubble Slimes; the company assures us, however, that this curry isn’t deadly (still, don’t forget your Antidotal Herbs).

Actual ingredients include onions, carrots, tomato paste, beans, and chicken and as for the taste, it’s said to be quite mild and surprisingly pleasant. The heatable pouch contains 200 grams (~7 ounces) of the vivid stuff but unfortunately, the box doesn’t include facial features so you’ll have to get creative with the toppings.

Village Vanguard's Slime Curry

So if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on this exclusive product (and if the color doesn’t put you off), unleash your inner hero and try your hand at vanquishing this pesky, tasty foe!

Thou hast done well in defeating the Curry Slime.

Village Vanguard Slime Curry eatenImage: RocketNews24

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