Though some have questioned the advisability of pairing up with a Japanese guy, there are definitely those of us who would love nothing more. For girls looking to nab a Japanese fellow,website Yahoo! has recently investigated what sweet nothings make nihonjin weak in the knees, and have come up with nine lines that supposedly do the job.

Get out your notebooks, ladies (and gaydies), and let’s go hunting.

1. When a guy does something, react with a heartfelt “That was incredible!”
According to one 20-something guy, this works because although a guy is wondering if what he did was really all that impressive, it makes him feel pleased and energized to be praised all the same. Before long, he’ll realize that no one has ever made him feel so confident and strong and confess his love for you.

2. When you begin dating, ask whether your texts are annoying.

According to a guy in his 30s, this shows a gal isn’t just thinking about herself. That kind of solicitude hits guys right in the heart. “With a girl like that, you know you could live together without a lot of drama and conflict,” he says, and that’s appealing to a lot of guys.

3. When you are having fun talking together, say “We are really on the same wavelength, aren’t we?”
According to one teen surveyed, “It makes me wonder if maybe we are destined to be together.” It feels somehow inevitable when you meet someone that you share so much with. If a guy likes you, communicating in a straightforward way that you want to keep spending time with him will give him the confidence to keep asking you out.

4. Even if you aren’t dating, tell him you want to have his babies.

If, at a glance, a girl can’t help hearing wedding bells, says one 20-something, guys who want to start a family will find their pulses racing as well. If you can’t imagine yourself saying something so forward, even a simple “I really want kids soon” will do. Just by showing you like kids, you’ll have the guy thinking in a family way.

5. When you hear where a guy is from, try “I guess what they say is true. People from X are nice!”
You can’t help but smile when you hear something positive like that and realize a girl is into you, says a guy in his 20s. And if you follow with “I’d really like to visit there someday,” you give him an opening to offer to show you around.

6. Say thank you with a big smile
Says one 20-something, “A bright, happy face makes my heart skip a beat.” In addition, a positive woman with good manners is seen as a real catch. “For example, at the end of a work day, if a woman wishes you a good night with a smile, you know she really wants to make your day a little better and you can’t help but like her for it.

7. When he makes a small mistake, say it’s cute.
You’d rather forget about your mistakes, explains one guy, so you feel really grateful if a girl doesn’t make a big deal out of them. You feel like she knows and accepts even your weak points, and that realization can make a guy fall big time.

8. When you are leaving a dinner party or other social event, tell him “Finally, alone together!”

One young man said the phrase instantly closes the distance between two people and makes them feel like a couple. Similarly, if a woman asks to sit next to him at the event or finds other ways to be close to him, he thinks it’s cute and he’ll want to put his arm around her without even thinking about it.

9. If he is absent due to a cold or sickness, tell him that it’s boring without him.
“It makes me think that I really matter to her,” explains one teen. It seems that a lot of guys like to feel needed. Add “Next time, let me know if you are going to be absent, OK?” and you’ll have him convinced you can’t live without him.

So, those are the nine fool-proof lines to work your way into a Japanese guy’s heart, at least according to Yahoo!. This author wonders if they might be a bit outdated, at best, but then, I’m not a Japanese guy. What do you think, readers?

Source: Yahoo! Netallica