For tourists everywhere, McDonald’s offers a taste of familiarity. Granted it’s not sophisticated or healthy, but for travelers feeling overwhelmed by language or cultural barriers there is no better quick escape.

However, visitors to Turkey may be shocked at what they find in the local McDonald’s there.  For those fleeting breakfast hours the Turkish McDonald’s breakfast combos as we know them take on a totally new form, and I guarantee it’s the last thing you’d expect from McDonald’s.

What do we have here? Cucumber, tomatoes, cheese, olives, an English muffin, and an omelet are all sold together as the “Turkish Breakfast Menu.”  This is a far cry from the American “Big Breakfast” combo weighing in at around 1,200 kcal.

Although other countries probably don’t match up to the US breakfast, all us who don’t live in Turkey should probably be feeling a little guilty about ourselves right now…

That being said, in spite of all common sense, I’d still pick the American one given the choice.

Original Article by Kuzo
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