Our Mr. Sato has struggled with hairstyles in the past, and his troubles are compounded further by his jet-setting international lifestyle. A hairstyle that’s cool in one country can be totally dorky in another. The mullet’s continued success in Japan is testament to that.

So, when visiting Turkey recently, our reporter went to a barber and asked for “a popular hairstyle in Turkey.” Could this be the start of a sexier Mr. Sato?

Mr. Sato and Kuzo travelled down to the heart of Istanbul to the Neco Erkekkuaforu barbershop.


The shop was run by the type of unassuming older man you’d find in any barbershop around the world. The modest two-seat shop was also decorated in a typical bland barbershop style complete with a small screen TV mounted in the corner.

Mr. Sato gave a prepared order of “a popular Turkish hair style” to the gentleman who quickly wrapped a towel, draped a cover, and went to work. The whole cut only cost around US$5 too!


After a few minutes, Kuzo decided to step outside and wait. Almost 20 minutes later as he was beginning to wonder what could possibly be going on inside the shop next door named “Dograma”, a strange Turkish man came outside.


Kuzo grew tense as this stranger approached, when suddenly the local man said, “It’s me, Mr. Sato!”


After answering some questions that only the real RocketNews24 writer would know (regarding the Pizza Hut menu), Kuzo could confirm that this Turkish-looking man before him was indeed Mr. Sato.


As the two walked away, Kuzo surveyed the other men on the street and found that it actually was a pretty popular cut for middle-aged guys in Turkey. Leave it to barbers to be on the cusp of fashion in any country.

Original Article by Kuzo
Model: Mr. Sato
Photos: RocketNews 24
Special Thanks To: tavii.com

I know absolutely no Turkish, but couldn’t that message be interpreted as “This is a popular hairstyle in Turkey”?


One last look at the old Mr. Sato


Neco Erkekkuaforu in Istanbul, Turkey

Mr. Sato: Give me a popular Turkish haristyle.
Barber: Yup.

1243123123123112412312331221312312315213121235231231231232131312213213123123233124124121 Oh! What’s this?

What a handsome young lad. Thank you, Mr. Barber!

443342323424243 What a transformation! I think everyone can agree Mr. Sato became a completely new person.

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