When he realized he’d primarily been using his smartphone in bed, Nemool Smith, an au product designer and chief hardware architect, wanted a more comfortable and rewarding user experience. Coming up blank in an online search for solutions, Nemool got an idea and decided to approach his bosses at KDDI and get their permission to design a radically new hardware platform he was sure would revolutionize the way people used their phones. The result has set the tech world abuzz, and has the potential to vault KDDI to the top of the global smartphone market.

Introducing the new au zzzPhoneBed by KDDI

Unbelievable as it may seem, Smith and his team at au have created a bed-sized smartphone. “I thought since I was always using my phone in bed, why not turn my bed itself into a smartphone,” said Smith. Working in secrecy for almost two-and-a-half years, the team labored round-the-clock to perfect design and functionality and to make sure there were some alluring, dedicated apps that could take advantage of the screen’s enormous size.

Product Features
Sleep with your favorite anime character using Soine App 4.1. The app brings to life full-sized, two-dimensional renditions of your favorite anime character. Never spend the night alone again!

The zzzPhoneBed is so comfortable, it was noted during trials that people had trouble waking up. The answer: a 3D surround sound speaker, touch centric alarm system with 800 bass speakers. Using au’s “song pass” allows you access to a wide range of music which can then be set to drag you out of a fitful night’s slumber. The entire bed also vibrates, meaning no more missed appointments or late starts at work!

The patent-pending run-scroll exercise app keeps you in shape while surfing the net. Designed to work like a tread mill, run-scroll ensures you’ll be able to maintain an adequate level of fitness without having to leave your bed. Surf the Net and stay in shape, exercise has never been this much fun!

Specially designed zzzPhoneBed sheets and covers are available in a variety of colors.

Though not of a truly mobile size or weight, if you want to take your zzzPhoneBed out and about, au has you covered. All you need is a truck, and if you don’t have one au has started a zzzPhoneBed rent-a-truck service. A single call will have a truck and two staff at your home in under an hour, ready to take you and your phone to the office, park, or wherever you need to go.

Size: Semi-double
Weight: 41,000g
Continuous talk time: 41 years
Charge time: 41 seconds
Display type: Non-glare organic EL
OS: Nemure 4.1
CPU: Utatane 4.1GHz real core
Pre-installed apps: SoineApp 4.1, Run-scroll

Release date: April 1, 2013
Note: Currently only available in Japan, global launch scheduled for July 2013

Team leader Nemool Smith speaks about his creation.

Source: au