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That’s right, kids, we’ve hit the big leagues. And it’s all thanks to you. Sure, we began in a tiny one-room office in Shinjuku, bickering with each other about elbow space, missing pencils and who had been using the communal coffee without putting a five yen coin in the jar beside it, but thanks to our wonderful readers and the attention of the Internet masses in general, we’re now a fully fledged news beast stationed in a swanky high-rise where we rub shoulders with some of Japan’s greatest innovators and creative geniuses.

To mark the occasion, we’ve just put the finishing touches to our new commercial, featuring none other than reporter extraordinaire Mr. Sato, and a tremendously catchy jingle. The full video — plus a special bonus version — after the jump!

Okay, so I may have been employing a little artistic licence just then and one or two tiny little fibs may have slipped in amid all the excitement (there is no jar for coffee money in the office…). But we do have a commercial! And we think you’ll agree that it really is quite wonderful.

Taking inspiration from the 2011 ad for Shoushuu Riki, a Japanese brand of deodorizer for bathrooms, we positioned our cosplay and food-loving reporter Mr. Sato in the exact same location of Lisbon, Portugal, and had him sing the Shoushuu Riki RocketNews24 jingle loud and proud.

First, the original TV commercial, just for reference:

And now our Sato-rific production. Hold on to your butts.

I know, right? Awesome. Well, except for this joker who shamelessly photobombed the heartfelt ending.


There’s always someone who has to ruin it for the rest of us, isn’t there?

We’ll leave you now with a special bonus edition of the ad. Even while working, our man knows how to take it easy.

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