Brilliant dad fulfills his daughter’s dreams…and then!?!?!2

Every child dreams about becoming their heroes when they fall asleep, they cover their walls with pictures and posters, and day dream about the day they build a suit of armor that turns them into a super hero. Well now one Japanese girl can become her hero before she even closes her eyes thanks to her creative dad. However, her own father takes it one step further with some arguably weird results…

asuka sleeping sheet

What’s this image you ask? Well…it’s a “sleep together sheet”! Yes, that’s right, these are bed sheets with characters printed on them. The characters appear from head to toe on the sheet to give the illusion of sleeping together with your favorite character. Not all that surprising from the country that brought you body pillows with a similar theme. But one industrious dad, Twitter user @NAWOQI, put a new spin on the idea and thinks it could take off with the right set of characters. @NAWOQ has turned one of the sleep together sheets featuring Asuka Langley Soryu (or Shikinami) into a futon cover, or a comforter blanket cover. Now with just the right angle, she can become the famous Unit-02 (or 03) pilot!

▼ “I remade the Asuka sheet that looks like you’re sleeping together and put it on my daughter’s comforter. I feel that it could sell fairly well if bed makers made ones like this for Pretty Cure, Kamen Rider or Disney characters.”

Proving that his brilliance only runs so far though, he posted a picture of himself and the body of the infamous Evangelion pilot. One commenter said, “It kinda looks like Iron Man’s armor.” That is a cover I would buy!

▼ “My daughter’s comforter blanket that I tweeted about earlier. I tested the blanket and fell asleep like this.”

These could be THE things to buy this coming holiday. Toei Animation, TV Asahi, Disney – @NAWOQI is standing by waiting for your call!

Source: My Game News Flash
Top Image: Hobby Net
Images:  Twitter, Twitter