In the past decade or so, the widespread use of computers in both the public and private sphere has seen the personal computer become an indispensable part of our daily lives. Whether it be creating a chart of company expenditures or simply recording important appointments in a software-based diary, almost all of our work has been a layer of digital varnish. The birth of the laptop computer has meant that work can be done virtually anywhere, with a wealth of information available in a few clicks and taps of the keyboard. As wonderful as all this is, it’s easy to overlook some of the problems that arise from a computer-centric life. Here we’ll take a good, hard look at the downside to spending the vast majority of our day plugging in and screen-facing.

Below is a translation of an article by My Navi News’ Saori Takagi, which looks in detail at how too much computer work can have a damaging effect on our health and beauty.

Takagi wrote in a previous article about the fears surrounding prolonged computer use and the risk of ‘reflux esophagitis’ caused by slouching forward for long periods an putting pressure on the stomach. For anyone unfamiliar with this condition, it is the inflammation of the esophagus, caused by stomach acids rising up and entering into the esophagus itself.

In another article, Takagi commented on how extended use of a personal computer can lead to burning of the skin. Here, she discussed the alarming problem of how resting a computer on one’s thighs and performing long hours of work can lead to the risk of ‘toasted skin syndrome’ (actual burning of the thighs).

If you thought that it stopped there, think again. Takagi has a long list of disturbing illnesses and symptoms as a result of too much computer work:

1.) Hours or staring blank-faced at the screen can cause sagging of the skin.

Have you ever caught sight of your expression when working on a computer? More often than not, our faces are completely emotionless. However, lack of use of the facial muscles accelerates the rate at which the face sags and wrinkles form.

Many will be using their computer for work, so abandoning it for sake of health and beauty is out of the question. However through simple facial exercises it is possible to prevent the unwanted side-effects of living in the modern age. Forming the English vowels with the mouth stretches it and the surrounding areas enough to amply tighten the muscles. It is recommended carrying out these pronunciation exercises a total of 10 times a day.

2.) Pulling too serious a face creates wrinkles in the middle of the forehead.

When reading or creating a work-related document that requires considerable concentration, frowning is not uncommon, but doing so is likely to create frown lines. However, regardless of whether you’ve already developed them or simply wish to prevent them, the following exercise is purported to work wonders:

Pinch the middle of your forehead with your forefinger and thumb and begin to rub. The type of wrinkles that form are in the middle of the head and are usually in the vertical position, therefore it is best to pinch from top to bottom in the horizontal position so as to counteract them.

3.) Concentrating on the screen too long causes the formation of bluish bags under the eyes.

Looking fixedly at a computer screen for extended periods causes eye fatigue and a restriction in blood circulation which is responsible for the formation of bluish bags under the eyes.

To reduce the appearance of these bags lightly applying pressure to the bone that runs under the eye is recommended. Start from the inside corner of the eye and work your way to the outside.

4.) Pulling a scary face through too much concentration will not only affect your appearance, it is also likely to project a bad impression on those around you. But fear not, a quick remedy to this is:

Place a small mirror on your desk and check your facial expressions once every hour. Next, perform the facial exercise using vowels suggested above. Doing so, you’re likely to create a bright and cheerful aura that anyone is sure to be mesmerized by.

There you have it, some guaranteed steps to keep yourself looking healthy during a long day at the computer!

Source: My Navi News