If I don’t wear a bra, I’m in danger of my breasts hitting my face when I walk,’ the fashion icon joked.

Those of us who are stuck with the chore of having to wear a bra day in, day out will know the wave of satisfaction one feels when you can finally take it off at the end of the day. And especially these days when more and more people are working from home, even wearing a bra to begin with seems unnecessary.

Of course, letting the girls hang free for a long time eventually leads to sagging, and may also contribute to back, shoulder and chest pain, so it seems like we are stuck with bras for the time being. But surely there has to be a bra that offers both comfort and support for when you’re at home?

Well, now there is! Nmerry have created a new line of bras that promise both comfort and support, aimed at being used at home. Whether you’re checking Instagram in bed, working at your desk or lying on the sofa binge-watching Netflix, the Nmerry bra aims to support your breasts without feeling too constricting.

The bras are produced by Naomi Watanabe, fashion icon and, recently, an Adidas brand ambassador. Naomi is no stranger to the world of creating fashion labels — her other label PUNYUS is still going strong since it was launched in 2014.

When asked why she decided to dip her fashionable feet into the world of bras, she commented ‘I’ve always wanted a bra that I can wear at home.’ She joked, ‘If I don’t wear a bra, my breasts get really saggy, and when I walk around I’m in danger of them hitting me in the face. I wanted to make a bra that keeps me comfortable.’

A unique feature of the Nmerry bras is that they are different depending on the sizes. Bras sized S are tightly gathered at the front to create cleavage and is a V-cut shape, whereas bras sized M to 2L have a round cut neckline and offer fitted support to maintain a ‘beautiful bust’. Bras sized 3L to 5L offer full support from all directions to prevent sagging and also have a round cut neckline.

The larger sizes have extra features such as ‘three-dimensional bust netting’ and an ‘anti-under-curling design’ to prevent fuller busts from moving around too much. Big-chested ladies may normally find it difficult to sleep on their backs, for example, as their breasts tend to move around towards their décolletage. Thanks to the ‘upper flow prevention panel’ feature in sizes 3L-5L, Nmerry bra-wearers can sleep with their breasts comfortably locked in place.

▼ No boob-movage here!

The bras come in four colours — black, brown, pink and khaki — and are made of sustainable materials.

▼ The bras are described as having a ‘silky feel’.

The bras cost 5,478 yen (US$47) each, with some discounts if you buy two (9,462 yen) three (13,446 yen) or four (16,923 yen). Sizes S-2L are available for purchase now, whereas 3L-5L are available for pre-order, and are expected to be in stock from March/April.

Source: PR Times, NMerry
Images: NMerry
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