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Japanese model Eri Sakurai says she has stumbled across a way to increase her breast size without resorting to cosmetic surgery. The 30-year-old credits a sudden temporary chest inflation in her past to the unlikely superfood of McDonald’s hamburgers.

Sakurai clued readers in on her titillating transformation on the website Tantei File. “A long time ago, I went through a phase where I was eating a bunch of McDonald’s, and my bust measurement grew to 95 cm (37.4 in). I don’t know what the scientific basis was, but it really happened.”

Sakurai’s profile on her Wikipedia page lists her bust at 88 cm (34.6 cm). Even with all of these mental images of breasts distracting us, our minds can do the arithmetic and see that she’s claiming a 7 cm (2.8 in) boost in mammary mass.

We’ve got a soft spot for hamburgers here at RocketNews24, as our many taste tests and other articles on them attest to. Still, the idea of them increasing bust size sounds a little too good to be true, like an adolescent fever dream where we have to duck out in the middle of our coach’s inspiring locker room speech in the middle of the Super Bowl to play lead guitar in the rock band that’s headlining the halftime show. Our reporters worked up the nerve to ask one girl for her take on breast-burgeoning foods, before becoming too shy to continue our survey.

“I don’t know about McDonald’s, but I felt like mine got a little bigger when I was drinking a lot of soy milk,” she told us. “I think it had something to do with all of the isoflavones in it.”

We interrupt this story to explain that isoflavones are a class of organic compounds found in soy products. RocketNews24 apologizes for any mental whiplash the sudden use of the term may have caused. We now return you to our article about boobs.

In an effort to repeat the results of her burger binge, Sakurai has been spending the week eating at Japanese hamburger chain Lotteria (home of the nine-patty Evangelion burger we recently tried). She’s even been hitting the restaurant for breakfast, ordering what she’s dubbed the “Big Boobs Burger,” a 1,338-calorie hamburger with everything on it. Pictures of Sakurai partaking of her meals will be posted to her website, where curious fans can watch to see if the model’s claims of enlarged breasts have the proper scientific cradling, uh, we mean support.

Source and top image: Tantei File
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