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So, usually when it comes to burgers in Japan, we prefer to let the talented burger artists at famous fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s, Burger King and especially Lotteria do their thing – because it usually results in crazy squid ink burgers, nine-patty monstrosities, and other 6th grade science experiment-esque monstrosities.

But McDonald’s has slowly been unveiling a tech- and customer-savvy new way of dealing burgers with its limited run of “Create a Burger” options at select stores.

We first caught wind of the amazing burger tech when an Australian YouTuber created this brief review and how-to about the Create a Burger.

The whole thing sounds, frankly, awesome. The customization options are nearly endless and the way the YouTuber just swipes his fingers across the cheese options to select all of them makes our McDonald’s-clogged arteries do a happy little jig.

Even the finished product – which we’re used to looking significantly more blob-like and gross than advertised – looks like an actual gourmet burger and even comes on a wooden tray; a far cry from the beloved McRib, which comes on grease-soaked newsprint paper that reeks of shame and questionable meat.

Will this new Build a Burger be great enough to earn its own “Dayum DAYUM DAYYYYUUUUM!!!” remix? Only time will tell.

Source: YouTube