Fast food chains are always on the lookout for ways to steer us into their open arms, with limited edition burgersunusual collaborations and exclusive accessories all weakening our will at some point, despite quiet pleas from our inner selves to look the other way.

Lotteria is one of the unabashed leaders in the field, offering us burger towers of mammoth proportions that have us handing over money just to lay eyes on the meaty beasts. Now they’ve unveiled two life-size versions of their famous multi-patty behemoths. But this time, they’re adorable USB memory sticks.

The exclusive accessories are all part of a campaign to celebrate the seventh anniversary of their zeppin (lit. superb) burger series. There are only two USB sticks on offer – the exquisite cheese burger tower and the shrimp burger tree – and to be in the running to win one, customers will have to follow and re-tweet the below tweet advertising the campaign.


Standing at 12.5 cm (5 in) and 18.5 cm (7.3 in) high, these burger replicas will give you a meat coma just by looking at them. They pack a punch in the storage department too, with 4 GB of memory. Plenty of room for bytes and megabytes!


If you fancy the thought of a five-tiered colossal burger towering over the side of your laptop, you’re still in with a chance as entries are open until 22 October. We can’t wait to see if other fast food chains will follow suit and bring other delectable merchandise to the table!

Photos: Lotteria
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