As most people flock to the high production values of American television programs, the subtle nuances of British dramas, or the addictiveness of Korean programs, Taiwanese television shows are often sorely overlooked. Still, after nearly three years from its first airing we continue to be haunted by a television moment so poignant that it has captured not only the nation’s audience but the world’s.

I’m talking, of course, about the truck accident that claimed the life of Michael from the series Night Market Life. Achieving well over one million views on YouTube, people keep coming back to relieve that fateful day.

Let us watch and remember.  Michael would have wanted it that way.


Sorry, *sniff* that still gets to me, and I’m not alone.  The video’s comments section is loaded with sensitive reaction and reflection such as “I cry everytime, the emotion is just so intense zomg” and “lol” which I’m led to believe means “languishing over [the] loss [of Michael from Night Market Life].

So as the series appears to be on its last legs, let the memory of Michael’s high speed flight from the grill of a truck flailing his arms like a gecko live on for eternity as perhaps the greatest moment of Taiwanese television ever.

Source: YouTube – littlewhiteegg

Michael will also be missed on NicoNico