Did you know that you can make a quick and healthy frozen dessert just by throwing fruit into a machine? It sounds incredible but it’s true. With nothing else to add, this kitchen appliance aims to save you money, trim your waistline and please your lactose intolerant friends! We didn’t believe it at first but after testing it out, we can tell you that this thing delivers as promised. It’s called Yonanas, and we have all the details of our fruity sweet encounter with it, including video and even 3D photos, after the break.

Say hello to our little friend:

Operating the Yonanas machine is an absolute breeze. You put frozen fruit in the chute and out comes a delicious, frozen, fruity dessert. That’s it! It doesn’t get more simple than that.


How to Make Yonanas:

1.  Cut fruit into pieces so they fit through the chute easily.

fruit_cut all

2. Use bananas!

It’s called Yonanas for a reason; the dessert comes out best when you use a banana base. Bananas naturally have a very high viscosity so they’re creamy, and they blend well with other fruits like strawberries, mangoes, and even kiwi fruit. The banana base makes a really big difference to the texture of the dessert.


3. Bag the fruit and pop them in the freezer.

It’s best to use fruit that’s been frozen solid because the more frozen the fruit, the higher its viscosity, which will give you a great texture and creaminess in the end.


4. Once your fruit is frozen, let it thaw for just a little while and then pop it in the chute.


5. Sit back and watch the magic!

When we first tried it, the fruit wasn’t entirely frozen. So out came a mushy paste! It might look a bit off-putting but we reckon this would be a perfect, healthy treat for babies and toddlers.

4121231231 (1)



Next time round, using rock-hard frozen fruit. Result!

Looks and tastes like frozen yoghurt!




So what’s the catch? We looked hard but we couldn’t find anything negative to say about this. We’ve tried and tested other kitchen gadgets and we can tell you now that the Yonanas maker will not be joining them at the back of the cupboard. At 6,800 yen (US$68.45), this baby gives you great return for your money, especially because there are no extra products or packets to purchase. Fruit is the only tie-in product you’ll have to buy!

Yonanas, you’re practical and delicious, and we’re a little bit in love with you. We have a feeling our juicy romance will only get more intense as the summer months roll by!

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