It’s a “good banana” according to its price point. 

Using a frozen banana to drive a nail into wood is a fascinating feat that’s been hammered home by a lot of people online, our own Japanese-language reporter K. Nagahashi included. However, one Japanese company has sought to provide the banana-loving masses with a fruity hammer that doesn’t require any freezing, and they’ve hit upon success with the Banana Hammer DX.

Created by Hiroshima-based precision casting manufacturer Castem, the Banana Hammer DX is actually a real banana that’s been metallised using in-house technology. Moulded from a real banana from the Philippines and metallised as it is in bronze, each banana hammer displays the rough contours of the banana used, and comes in sizes that vary slightly, making each one unique.

▼ This isn’t the first time for Castem to make a Banana Hammer, however, as they released this model on the market last year.

Their 2019 hammer received a positive response from customers, who liked the humour and practicality of the product, but expressed a desire to hit nails with a whole banana instead.

Castem listened and metallised the whole fruit for 2020, letting fans know that you no longer need to rely on frozen bananas to do the work for you, as you can now “hit nails with bananas even in a world that’s 1,000 degrees Celsius“.

So…how well does the metal banana hammer? To find out, take a look at the video below!

The Banana Hammer DX can be purchased on Castem’s “Iron Factory” site from 22 November, which is fittingly “Carpenters’ Day” in Japan. Each hammer, which weighs roughly 1.5 kilograms (3.3 pounds), retails for 11,877 yen (US$114.22), which actually translates to “ii banana” or “good banana“, thanks to some clever Japanese wordplay (11 = ii; 8 = ba 7 = na).

Castem says they have a whole range of other metallised fruit on their site, but if you want to be the nail that sticks out and hammer with an ice cream bar instead, Japan’s Adzuki Bar will do the job for you.

Source, images: PR Times 
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