It wouldn’t be going too far to say that Photoshop is the best friend of many creators. As such, it’s understandable that there’s a lot of interest in the most recent announcement from Adobe, the software’s creator. The company announced on May 7 that they would be changing all of their products to cloud services with monthly fees.

As such, the company has set up a public blog for Japan, where they answer questions submitted by users concerned about how the changes will affect them. And that’s how the trouble began! After the same question was submitted over and over and OVER, the following exchange appeared on the site, brimming with unrestrained frustration.


From the Question and Answers Posted on the Photoshop Blog:

Q. When will Photoshop CS7 (successor to the current version) come out?
A. It won’t. The newest version of Photoshop will be released ONLY on the Creative Cloud as “Photoshop CC.”
Q. When will Photoshop CS7 Extended be released?
A. IT WON’T. It has been integrated with Photoshop CC.
Q. Well, when will Creative Suite 7 be available?
A: Yeah like I said IT ISN’T COMING OUT! But we understand that for many people suddenly switching over to the browser version may be difficult. For such customers, Creative Suite 6 will still be available through ESD and licensing programs (TLP/CLD). But the newest version is really quite useful. Please look into getting a Creative Cloud subscription as soon as you can.

The blog administrator’s frustration comes through quite clearly in the conversation, doesn’t it?

The “Creative Cloud” is already available, so you can use their software and services for a monthly fee (as opposed to paying hundreds or thousands of dollars all at once). It seems that new versions of the software (equipped with new functions) will also be offered through the cloud.

Still, the blog has only been up since May 7! For Adobe to already be showing signs of frustration is cause for worry. Really makes you want to say, “First, just calm down!” From here on out, it seems like there will be a lot more attention focused on their announcements. It’d be great if everything goes off without a hitch, but…well, let’s just say that we’d hate to see Adobe get mad. We don’t think we’d like them when they’re mad…


Image source: Shigoto Note, Adobe, Wikipedia

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