We can see why this futuristic pod… chair… thing is called “The Emperor,” because there’s no way you wouldn’t feel like some powerful sci-fi movie villain hunting the rebels from your battle cruiser’s control station when sitting in it. But if you can actually keep your power fantasies from distracting you, this chair guarantees increased productivity and maximal office comfort.

Unfortunately, that productivity and comfort comes at the cost of most of your office space. Oh, and US$21,500. That’s almost on par with the cost of a trip to space.

Quebec City-based MWE Lab boasts that the appropriately sci-fi sounding Emperor 1510 LX comes replete with futuristic amenities including a five-monitor stand mounted on a retractable “scorpion tail,” a Bose sound system, reclining Italian leather chair, and rotating base.

MWE Lab is also throwing in a cup holder, because no matter how advanced we become, mankind will never find anywhere else to put their drinks.


Of course, all the comfort and bragging rights in the world is not enough to convince most people to drop 22 Gs on an office chair. Besides, even scarier than the cost is its faint resemblance to GlaDOS, the megalomaniac computer antagonist from the Portal games, and the idea that it would be pretty difficult to escape from – possibly on account of being just too damn comfortable – in case of fire or malfunction.


▼ It’s only a matter of time before we all turn into the humans  from Pixar’s WALL·E



▼ Even this actual emperor wants an Emperor.


Source: Gigazine Photos: MWE Lab Facebook page